About Us

Our house used to serve as a way station when we lived on the east coast — our friends would stop by for hours, days, or weeks as they made trips from Florida all the way to Maine.

We also played games on the weekend on a regular basis with our local and visiting friends.

We moved to Minnesota in 2010, and it felt like the end of an era. We moved here to make child custody transfer easier for my wife and her ex-husband. We used to send her sons home with a burger every Sunday.

Friends started coming over on the weekends, too. Sundays were a regular occurrence by 2011.

By 2012 it was “a thing.”

Now we have anywhere from three to fourteen people over during the weekend, with Secret Test Groups during the week to try out new games before the rest of the pack arrives.

Our Facebook community grows every day, and we help our old friends from out of state set up BG&BN of their own.

We hope our posts encourage you to set up BG&BN of your own, and have as much fun eating food and playing games with your friends as we do with ours.

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